The Angry Type 2 Diabetic: The Moldy Cupcake Awards

The Moldy Cupcake Awards

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The Moldy Cupcake Award is the award we give out for excellence in communicating nonsense, lies, misinformation, and outright uninformed, alarmist drivel, about diabetes and related health information, for the purposes of garnering ratings, by the mass media, and others.

Ya' know... It's just so inspiring to read or watch the news, every week, and see ALL manner of misinformation, quacks, outright lies and drivel, just regularly being fed to the public for the sake of ratings. So, because you've inspired us, ALL of you who are the most deserving for writing, or producing, the shittiest materials out there for the public, will get a wonderful mention here... along with a not so sweet, and oh, so moldy critique.

Nominate your favorite idiot, HERE: